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Super-sprinkled Doughnuts

When you count chains and independently owned stores, the US has over 13,000 doughnut shops throughout the country. Who doesn’t love a yummy pastry?

Yelp has stated that Boston is the per capita doughnut shop capital of America, with one sinker store for every 2,400 people. Smithsonian Magazine recalls the first doughnut making machine appeared in the 1920’s and doughnuts popularity took off during the depression due to their inexpensive nature to produce.

Sweet delicious tasty donuts and a white mug.

Doughnuts are not the heathiest of choices. For instance, an average glazed donut can weigh in at as much as 250 calories, while chocolate-frosted or jelly dunkers might hit 300…this hasn’t stopped their consumption. The average American consumes 63 dozen donuts a year. Wow! That seems high!

As a result, every state has plenty of doughnut shops of its own. 24/7 Tempo has compiled a list of the best example in every state, concentrating on independents and small chains. In the end, they have listed one Indianapolis cruller shop as the best.

Assorted glazed fried donuts on parchment,Oradea,Romania

Source: Sergiu Creanga / 500px / Getty

What Is the Best Doughnut Shop in Indiana?

In order to determine the best bun shop in every state, 24/7 Tempo reviewed a dozen existing rankings of the best donut shops in every state from a variety of sites. All the shops on this list were ranked as the best doughnut shop in their respective state multiple times. In Indiana, the best doughnut shop is…

Indiana: Long’s Bakery