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House Bill 1608 is being protested today by the ACLU. The bill is designed to protect children from exposure to LGBTQ+ ideas in schools. The bills states that employees of schools cannot present any information on gender fluidity, gender roles, gender stereotypes, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation for children in kindergarten through third grade.

The ACLU is protesting on the grounds that teaching children LQBTQ+ content is their right, and studies support that it is healthy for young children to receive sex education as early as grades kindergarten through third grade.

The bill does not ban a child from being gay. The bill just does not allow teachers to teach LGBTQ+ ideas in classrooms containing children in grades kindergarten through third grade.

Tony Katz is in favor of the bill and doesn’t quite understand why the ACLU is so invested in this bill saying,

“I don’t understand where it is that this subject connects with the idea of civil liberties.”