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With morning’s first light, you go to use the restroom and while there you decide to check the world’s status on your phone and… plop. Down goes your cell. Imagine it…you’re barely awake and this is how you’re beginning the day. 

When it comes to handling your phone, nothing can send your day down the toilet, like dropping your phone into the toilet.

A man with a mobile phone in the toilet.

According to a recent survey from Recon Analytics, nearly half of those who said they’d broken their phones did so by dropping it into a body of water – including the toilet! Do you have a case of the dropsies? If so, you’re not alone. 

Phone fell in the toilet bowl cannot keep up,Safety concept

77% of Gen Zer’s have broken a phone. This age group is the most likely to accidentally drop it into the bathtub or throw it in a fit of rage. But older generations are not immune to phone clumsiness. 74% of people between 30 and 44 having broken a phone too.

AT&T recently surveyed 3,286 people and they found that dropping your phone while removing it from a purse or pocket is the biggest culprit of broken phone fiasco’s.

an adult man outside with a cup of coffee in his hands looks at the screen of a mobile phone

Here’s how Hoosiers break their phones:

  1. Dropped it while taking it out of my pocket or purse: 25%
  2. Slipped out of my hand while talking or texting: 20%
  3. Forgot it was in my lap when I stood up: 16%
  4. Dropped something on it: 10%
  5. Dropped it while taking a picture: 9%
  6. Dropped it in the toilet: 8%
  7. Child broke it: 7%
  8. Went into a pool, ocean, or lake with it: 6%
  9. Threw it in a fit of rage: 6%
  10. Broke it while intoxicated: 5%
  11. Dropped it in the bathtub: 5%
  12. Dog mistook it for a toy: 3%

If you’re living with a broken device, you’re not alone. 2022 saw the lowest number of smartphones shipped since 2013. Smartphone shipments dropped by a record 18.3% last quarter.

Portrait of terrified child with damaged phone. Upset little girl breaks screen of mobile phone. Kid girl holding broken display. Worried child accidentally destroyed smartphone

Smartphone users are getting younger too. A survey of some 3,000 parents by Recon Analytics found that 15% of 6-year-olds had gotten phones in the previous three months. First grade, first phone?

Girl taking a selfie with a chocolate waffle

AT&T offers these tips for protecting your investment:

  • Don’t take it into the bathroom.
  • Keep out of reach of pets and kids.
  • Think about using earbuds.
  • Look into getting a Smartwatch.
  • Every phone should have case to protect it.
  • Get Insurance – Only about 15% of those surveyed said they had insurance when they broke their phone. Nearly 25% said they sure wished they would have had it!