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FT WAYNE, Ind.–A man from South Bend is accused of being a drug kingpen in Ft. Wayne. Police believe Kwan Ware, 49, was responsible for bringing meth into Ft. Wayne and having it distributed out of an apartment. Police said in court documents that the operation had been going on for years.

They believe Ware was responsible for supplying drugs to people staying in motels and hotels throughout Allen County.

Jamie Derkatsch, 49, is accused of being the main salesperson. Another woman, Erin Holbrook, 49, was also arrested as a conspirator. They believe Ware employed several women as drug dealers. The two women arrested would drive back and forth from South Bend to Ft. Wayne several times a week, bringing meth and fentanyl.

Police said it took them several months to get enough evidence to bust the drug ring.

They said Ware would stay at AirBmBs to avoid police because he already had warrants out for his arrest.

When the three were busted, cops say they flushed what investigators believe was pounds of meth. But, police found 900 fentanyl pills, plenty of meth, marijuana and cocaine and a rifle.