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STATE HOUSE–The Indiana legislature should repeal the state’s new abortion ban, said state Sen. Greg Taylor, one of the state lawmakers most vocally opposed to the law during the special session where it was passed. Taylor said state lawmakers didn’t listen to Hoosiers before drafting and passing the near-total ban this summer.

“I’m glad that we have some oversight from the judicial branch to look into the issue, whether or not what we passed was something that will pass constitutional muster,” said Taylor, after learning of Thursday’s decision by a special judge in Monroe County, to temporarily block the law.

Taylor said he opposed the law for two reasons: he believes the people did not want it, and it regulates a woman’s body and her ability to decide on an abortion.

“Hoosiers across the State of Indiana were not very happy and we’ve seen that in some of the data as far as voter registration and other issues,” he said.

But, that had no bearing on Judge Kelsey Hanlon’s decision, which was based on whether the right to privacy, and thus the right to keep choice private, is implied in the state constitution.

Taylor, a Democrat from Indianapolis, said the legislature as a whole has problems listening to its constituency.

“I think that comes from the over-representation of one political party in supermajority positions,” he said, referring to the overwhelming number of Republicans in the General Assembly.

When asked if there’s a legislative solution, Taylor said repealing the law is it. “It’s that simple”.

“I think people in the State of Indiana understand that what we had in place prior to this overreach by the legislative branch was good for Hoosiers,” he said.

The new law reduces the time an expectant mother has to decide on an abortion to ten weeks of pregnancy, and that decision can only be made in cases of rape, incest or medical necessity.

Taylor said he’s confident that state lawmakers will feel some pain because of the passage of the law.

“If people go to the polls we’re gonna see a result of that and how people feel by them exercising their right to vote.”