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There is a lot taking place with the Indiana General Assembly as it relates to abortion access. Sadly, none of it looks overly promising for pro-life activists.

The Indiana Capital Chronicle reports that Senate President Pro Tem Rodric Bray met with Governor Eric Holcomb Thursday. At the conclusion of that meeting, Bray refused to answer questions from reporters and was “ushered away from the press.”

“This is a giant red flag for pro-life advocates,” WIBC host Rob Kendall told listeners Friday. “If you had something you were proud of achieving, the number one thing you would do is find the nearest microphone possible and tell the public all about it.”

Kendall notes: “The Indiana Republican Party has run on a pro-life platform for more than 30 years. The fact that the leader of the senate refuses to talk to the press should tell you something.”

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb previously said Indiana would look to other states that already took action following the U.S. Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey rulings, adding that “it probably served to our benefit” that Indiana did not have a trigger law in place, as others did.

Meanwhile, multiple media outlets are reporting that Senate Republicans held a caucus meeting away from the Indiana Statehouse.

Kendall surmised that this is an attempt for Republican lawmakers to avoid answering questions and getting badgered by the media.

“These caucus meetings are a disservice to voters,” Kendall explained. “They hold these meetings in private, strike deals behind closed doors, and then vote according to the agreements reached in secret at the caucus.”

Equally unsettling pro-life advocates, WTHR reports that only 7% of the General Assembly would answer a survey about their position on abortion access ahead of a special session to address the issue. Further, the overwhelming majority of those who responded were Democrats.

Why the secrecy, Indiana Republicans?

Former Indiana State Senator Jim Merritt joined the “Kendall & Casey Show” Friday with more insight. Click below to listen.