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The Biden administration is often accused of operating without a clear and cohesive plan.

But experts say this criticism is unfounded. In point of fact, the White House has a very defined strategy in their PR defense arsenal of fun: The “Blame Putin Procedure.”

About B.P.P.

The “Blame Putin Procedure” is a simple yet surprisingly ineffective methodology for warding off political criticism via a technique that places full blame and responsibility for all of America’s woes on one person: Vladimir Putin.

At a time when the Biden administration’s approval ratings are below 40%, the ability to deploy the B.P.P. defense tool on command has never been more important.

Are gas and food prices too high? Blame Putin.

Stagflation on the horizon? Putin’s fault.

Biden made stinky in his drawers while in Europe? Putin did it. In fact, it was Putin’s turd. Someone must have put it there when Joe wasn’t looking.

Note the relative ease with which White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki utilized the B.P.P. defense tool Friday when a reporter for a corporate media outlet accidentally engaged in real journalism.

The Questions: Why is inflation at a 40-year high? Prices were climbing before Putin invaded Ukraine, so who’s to blame?

The Response:

Breathtaking. Inspiring. Bullcrap.

Psaki’s regular and masterful deployment of the B.P.P. defense tool is undoubtedly one of the many skills that caught the attention of her rumored new employer, MSNBC.

Kendall & Casey have more on that in the clip below: