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KABUL, Afghanistan. — The 20-year U.S. military mission in Afghanistan is over.

U.S. CentCom Commander Kenneth McKenzie announced the final withdrawal of U.S. troops.  General McKenzie praised the determination, grit, and professionalism of U.S. troops.  He also said he was heartbroken by the terrorist attack that took the lives of 13 American troops at the Kabul airport last week.

Over the past few weeks, the U.S. removed more than 122-thousand people from Afghanistan.  That included more than 5,000 Americans.   McKenzie said there were no Americans on the final few U.S. military flights from Kabul.  The Afghan mission was America’s longest war.

General McKenzie acknowledged that some U.S. citizens who wanted to leave Afghanistan are still there.  He said efforts to get those people safely out of the war-torn country will continue.

McKenzie stressed that some Americans may choose to stay, but warned the terror threat remains high.  He stressed that every remaining U.S. service member has left the country.  McKenzie called the Taliban “very pragmatic and business-like” during the final days of the evacuations.

He also noted the U.S. “demilitarized” U.S. equipment that was left behind at the Kabul airport.