JERUSALEM, Israel. — A deal between Israel and Hamas to release hostages has been reached. Israel’s cabinet approved the deal Tuesday night, according to NBC News. There is still a 24-hour period where the families of victims of Hamas could appeal to the Supreme Court. The deal would include a multi-day cease-fire and around 50 […]

UPDATE: Israel has taken responsibility for the fatal strike.  Officials from the country say one Hamas leader was killed in the attack. — JABALIA CAMP, Gaza — An explosion at a large refugee camp in Gaza has killed at least 50 people and hurt many more. This is the most recent blast to have hit […]

REYKJAVIK, Iceland — Women and non-binary people around Iceland went on strike Tuesday, in an effort to protest gender inequality and pay gaps. This protest, known as the Women’s Day Off, was first organized in 1975. People in a variety of careers chose to participate this year, including Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir. Women’s Day Off […]


GAZA — Two more hostages have been released by the Palestinian militant group Hamas. According to multiple reports, Hamas said it released the hostages Monday “on humanitarian grounds.” The hostages were identified as two Israeli women. Their release follows the release of two American hostages on Friday. Israeli leaders say Hamas is holding more than […]

RAFAH BORDER CROSSING — For the first time since the current war between Israel and Palestine began, a convoy headed into Gaza to provide humanitarian relief. International aid organizations have been working to send support to the Middle East, especially as Israel has cut off significant access to water, food, and electricity in Gaza. But, […]

UPDATE: President Joe Biden now says that the U.S. believes Israel was not responsible for the attack on the Palestinian hospital.  He agrees with Israeli officials, who said the rocket actually belonged to Palestine and fell short of its intended target. — GAZA — Hundreds are dead, with many more wounded, after a rocket hit […]

ARRAS, France — One person is dead, and two others hurt, after they were stabbed at a school in France. Police say a former student stabbed two teachers and a security guard at Gambetta school in northern France.  At this time, officials believe Mohamed Mogouchkov was demonstrating “Islamist terrorism.” Apparently, Mogouchkov said, “Allahu Akbar,” or […]

LEBANON — A videographer working for Reuters has been killed in the Middle East, in the midst of ongoing fights between Israel and Palestine. The news organization says Issam Abdallah was killed in southern Lebanon, where he was part of a group filming a live video feed. Six other journalists were hurt, including two working […]

INDIANAPOLIS — Pro-Palestinian supporters and pro-Israel supporters gathered in downtown Indianapolis Thursday evening, and it was a night of tense frustration and nonstop chanting. “We’re here to pretty much show our disgust in Israel and the US at this point,” said a pro-Palestine supporter in a conversation with WIBC News, “because the US is supporting […]

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — The Jewish community, and those who support them in Indiana, have been standing in solidarity ever since the fighting between Hamas and Israeli forces began. To learn more about the conflict, the Jewish Federation of St. Joseph Valley held a community gathering in South Bend Wednesday evening to hear from experts […]