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GAZA CITY, Gaza — Hundreds of Palestinians were killed or injured Thursday while trying to access aid trucks loaded with supplies.

Accounts of what happened are varied, with media outlets in Gaza claiming that Israeli soldiers “opened fire” on people as they waited. Others say people were run over by aid trucks or hit after threatening Israeli soldiers.

At this time, authorities believe more than 100 people are dead, and more than 700 are hurt, as a result of this incident.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Turk, argues, “There appear to be no bounds to – no words to capture – the horrors that are unfolding before our eyes in Gaza.”

Turk is not alone in his desire to see peace in the Middle East. UNICEF Tweeted Wednesday, “The suffering is unimaginable. Families need a humanitarian ceasefire now.”

The Oxfam International Media Team wrote, “Israel deliberately targeting civilians after starving them is a gross violation of…humanitarian laws and our humanity.”

War between Israel and Palestine most recently started last October, after Hamas – a Palestinian militant group – took Israel by surprise.

Since the war’s start, more than more than 30,000 people have been killed in Gaza. While fighting has caused many deaths, the lack of access to food, water, and medicine has also been a major contributor.

President Joe Biden is concerned that Thursday’s incident could make hostage negotiations between the regions more difficult. His administration is currently trying to learn the truth of what happened.


Source: – / Getty