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Video of demonstrators in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota posted by Washington Examiner reporter Nic Rowan shows a CNN crew member getting nailed in the head with a bottle of water.

The video begins with an unknown woman telling protesters to act peacefully towards the CNN crew member. Then, an open plastic water bottle is seen bouncing off of the crew member’s head. He staggers backward before falling to the ground.

Another protestor is then heard mocking the man for falling over.

“A bottle of water knocked you out?” the protestor yells before laughing hysterically.

A  second video posted by Rowan shows protesters chasing the CNN crew from the scene.  In the video, people yell, “Get the f*ck out of here!” as the men hurry to their vehicle.

When another man walks up to one of the crew members, brandishing a small item in his hand, the crew member puts up one hand and says, “We’re leaving. We don’t want any trouble.”

Of course, CNN has a long and storied history of violent encounters with “peaceful” protestors.

CNN reporter Sara Sidner was hit by an object while reporting on the Ferguson protests in 2014:

And there was the time CNN reporter Nick Valencia was shot with pellets as “peaceful protestors” attacked the CNN building in downtown Atlanta, GA.

And who can forget that magic moment when CNN reporter Joe Johns was attacked by a “peaceful rodent” outside of the White House?

That’s a lot of injuries and violent attacks, but don’t worry: CNN has an entire army of disposable reporters on staff. You should see the plaque in the lobby for the journalists who were lost to hurricanes.