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Perhaps Canadians should have listened to Jordan Peterson after all.

The Daily Wire is reporting that the father of a biological girl turned himself into a Canadian court Tuesday and was subsequently taken to jail after the Attorney General of British Columbia issued an arrest warrant for contempt.

The reason he was jailed? His child identifies as a boy rather than a girl, yet the father had insisted on referring to his offspring as his “daughter” and used the pronouns “she” and “her.”

The Daily Wire:

Robert Hoogland, from Surrey, British Columbia, has a 14-year-old daughter. In February 2019, the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Canada ordered that the girl receive testosterone injections without obtaining parental consent. “The court also declared that if either of her parents referred to her using female pronouns or addressed her by her birth name, they would be considered guilty of family violence,” The Federalist noted.

Looks like the Supreme Court made good on that threat.

Canadian professor, clinical psychologist, and best-selling author Dr. Jordan Peterson rose to prominence in 2016 for his opposition to Canadian Bill C-16 – a controversial piece of legislation that added gender identity and gender orientation to the Canadian Human Rights Act.

Dr. Peterson warned at the time that the proposed federal human rights legislation would criminalize a Canadian’s refusal to use alternative pronouns.

Legal experts labeled Peterson a bigot and attempted to destroy his career. After all, that’s what irrational far-left progressives do when intelligent people dare to disagree with their ever-evolving politically-correct “rules.”

Peterson critic Kyle Kirkup, a law professor with the University of Ottawa who specializes in gender identity and sexuality law, attempted to invalidate Peterson’s claims in 2016.

“I don’t think any legal expert would say using an inappropriate pronoun, while not something that respects the human rights of trans people, would ever result in a criminal conviction,” said Kirkup.

Yeah. Good call there, Kyle.