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President Trump issued 73 pardons and 70 sentence commutations early Wednesday as he prepared to leave office.

The pardon recipients included former White House adviser Steve Bannon and rappers Lil Wayne and Kodak Black.

Both rappers, whose real names are Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. (Lil Wayne) and Bill Kapri (Kodak Black), were convicted on weapons-related charges.

Bannon is awaiting trial after allegedly defrauding Trump-supporting donors in a fundraising project called “We Build the Wall” related to the border wall.

Meanwhile, Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, who was serving a nearly 30-year sentence on corruption charges, was among the 70 who had their sentences commuted.

WIBC host Tony Katz was angered the most by Trump’s pardon of Dr. Salomon Melgen, the Democratic donor and friend of Sen. Bob Menendez who was convicted of defrauding elderly patients on Medicare.

Melgen stole $73 million from Medicare over several years by persuading elderly patients to undergo unnecessary eye treatments.

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