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Last week’s attack on the U.S. Capitol building brought to mind another attack on our nation’s most revered and sacred buildings in D.C.

November 7, 1983, motivated by United States military involvement in Lebanon and Grenada, six members of the radical left-wing Resistance Conspiracy bombed the U.S. Senate building.

Minutes before the blast, a caller claiming to represent the “Armed Resistance Unit” warned the Capitol switchboard that a bomb had been placed near the Chamber in retaliation for recent U.S. military involvement in Grenada and Lebanon, in which the U.S. had placed Marines. The “Armed Resistance Unit” also plotted to murder Henry Kissinger.

The rest of the story…

Those responsible for the crime were arrested in May 1988 and charged with the bombing. An investigation also uncovered the group’s ties to related bombings of Fort McNair and the Washington Navy Yard which occurred April 25, 1983, and April 20, 1984.

One of those arrested was a woman by the name of Susan Lisa Rosenberg, whom Wikipedia now elegantly refers to as an “American activist, writer, advocate for social justice and prisoners’ rights and a former terrorist.”

You would think “former terrorist” is the kind of title you’d generally leave off your resume, but in some professions, such experience is an asset. (See Black Lives Matter)

Susan Lisa Rosenberg’s spent 16 years in prison, but kindhearted President Bill Clinton commuted her sentence on January 20, 2001, his last day in office.

Rosenberg now works with the TOTALLY PEACEFUL and NON-VIOLENT Black Lives Matter. We at the Mock n’ Rob Show wish her the best in her future endeavors.

Side Note: Spare us your morally-superior speeches on protecting government property and figures, Democrats.