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The same man who wants to forgive student loan debt from private universities says he wants to cut federal funding for certain charter schools. His name is Joe Biden – and he still remembers his name on most days.

Unlike President Barack Obama, who showed support for charter schools and school choice, President-elect Biden has called for a ban on federal funding for charter schools that are operated by for-profit companies, which account for 12 percent of charter schools, according to the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

M-Live News, May 7, 2012:

President Barack Obama says the nation’s charter schools “serve as incubators of innovation in neighborhoods across our country,” and issued a proclamation calling this “National Charter Schools Week.”

The charter movement in Michigan has been loudly opposed by Democrats, who argue that some of the schools are run by for-profit management companies, and some Republicans.

But Obama has been a supporter, sometimes frustrating state teachers union leaders.

Yes, even Obama recognized that charter schools “have brought new ideas to the work of educating our sons and daughters,” as he wrote in his 2012 proclamation.

“Whether created by parents and teachers or community and civic leaders, charter schools serve as incubators of innovation in neighborhoods across our country,” Obama said at the time.

“These institutions give educators the freedom to cultivate new teaching models and develop creative methods to meet students’ needs. This unique flexibility is matched by strong accountability and high standards, so under-performing charter schools can be closed, while those that consistently help students succeed can serve as models of reform for other public schools.”

Joe Biden’s Proposed Policy for Charter Schools is the Antithesis to Barack Obama

Joe Biden is an old-school Democrat politician who’s not about to ruffle the feathers of the teacher union. That’s why he’s also pledged as part of the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force to “support measures to increase accountability for charter schools.”

“We will call for conditioning federal funding for new, expanded charter schools or for charter school renewals on a district’s review of whether the charter will systematically underserve the neediest students,” the task force’s platform reads.

Joe Biden’s Proposed Policy for Charter Schools Would Actually Harm African-American and Latino Students

“The data is consistently clear that nonprofit public charter schools, particularly in our urban communities that serve our African American and Latino students, have performed well. For that reason, there’s also very strong support among African American and Latino parents for charter schools,” Shavar Jeffries, president of Democrats for Education Reform, told the Wall Street Journal.

“I absolutely am deeply concerned that a union-controlled Biden Education Department could have a chilling effect on the progress that the states and parents have made in securing educational options and excellence for the kids,” Jeanne Allen, chief executive of the Center for Education Reform, told the paper.

Supporters of Biden’s Charter School proposals claim the President-elect wants to increase accountability. WIBC host Tony Katz disagrees. Click below to listen.