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Attention Democrats:

Not sure if you got the memo or not, but your nominee for President is nuttier than a porta-potty at a peanut festival, and he’s having himself one HELL of a week. He’s calling journalists “junkies,” advocating for illegal immigrants to get free healthcare, and even dropping a few of his favorite bigoted statements about black people in for good measure.

For the benefit of humanity, we at the Hammer and Nigel show have taken the liberty of curating some of “Biden’s Best” from this week and filing them under the appropriate categories. Grab a cold one and enjoy!

Biden The Bully: Are You a “Junkie?”

Biden The Bigot: The Latino Community is Diverse, ‘Unlike the African American Community.

Benevolent Biden: Illegal Immigrants Should Have Free Health Care


Buddy of China Biden: I Will Roll Back Trump’s Tariffs On Chinese-Made Goods.

Biden The Zoologist: If He Can’t Figure Out the Different Between and Elephant and a Lion, I Don’t Know What He’s Talking About.

Joe, are you absolutely positive that you want to be President? Because if the answer is, your best bet at this point is to have more mouth surgically sewn shut until after November.

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