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President Donald Trump’s campaign filed suit against the state of Nevada over a bill that was approved in an ongoing special session of the Nevada Legislature that expands mail-in voting for the 2020 general election, saying it would make voter fraud “inevitable.”

The lawsuit, filed late Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Nevada against Republican Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, follows President Trump’s ongoing criticism through a series of tweets of plans to move to a mostly mail election, accusing Democrats of “an illegal late-night coup” and calling the measure a “disgrace” in a recent press conference.

Trump 2020 Campaign Spokesperson Corey Lewandowski called into the Hammer and Nigel Show Wednesday to explain the inherent challenges with mail-in voting and how it differs from absentee voting.

“People who have to apply for a ballot – meaning you sign an affidavit saying you need to be on a permanent absentee list or you cannot appear in person because of an obligation that prevents you from being present, there’s no problem with that,” explained Lewandowski. “However, for states who are simply going to mail ballots to every single person in their state regardless of age or where you actually live – in fact, we’ve seen where states have sent ballots to deceased pets of voters – that’s an environment that’s ripe for fraud.”

Lewandowski told Hammer and Nigel it’s about maintaining the unimpeachable integrity of the process.

“If you want to vote absentee ballot and fill out the form, that’s fine,” he said. “But we do not support simply mailing a form to any person or any animal who has ever lived at an address.”

Lewandowski addressed charges that President Trump has backtracked on his position regarding mail-in voting with regard to the state of Florida.

“The President is a Florida resident and he’s in the White House working – not hanging out in Florida every day,” said Lewandoski.

He continued: “So Donald Trump is one of the people who would have applied for a permanent absentee ballot process. And what that means is that you filled out a form that says, ‘I would like to continuously get my ballot in the state of Florida through the mail – either because you’re elderly, have a health issue, whatever it is. But you have filled out a form to do that. There is a huge distinction between that and a state just simply mailing ballots out to every single person who has ever lived at an address.”

Lewandowski also weighed in on rumors that former vice president Biden might refuse to appear for a debate against Trump.

“Joe Biden does not want to debate Donald Trump for two reasons,” Lewandowski explained. “One, because I don’t think he has the physical stamina to stand on the debate stage for 90 minutes. Two, he doesn’t have the mental acumen to go toe-to-toe with Donald Trump. And three, the longer Joe stays in his basement and allows his wife to answer questions for him, the better he does in the polls.”

He continued: The point is that if Joe Biden misses the first debate, then the second Presidential debate is actually the Vice Presidential debate, which takes place in early October. That means the third Presidential debate – the first one Joe would participate in – would be halfway through October. By then, tens of millions of ballots will already have been cast, which only benefits Biden because that means fewer people will see him or be forced to listen to him speak.”

Lewandowski also offered conjecture on a potential scenario in which Joe Biden ultimately fails to be the Democrat nominee due to health issues or other complications. Click the link below to hear Lewandowski’s full and reasoned perspective on the issue: