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Scandals are so much freaking fun – especially NFL scandals because there have been so many of them over the years. Hell, we’re thinking a nice leatherbound coffee table book of “NFL Scandals to Remember” would make for a quality gift for the football lover in your life!

We suggest the scandals be broken into the following chapters with nice glossy photographs:

  • Team Relocation Scandals
  • Player Misconduct Scandals
  • Minnesota Vikings boat party Scandal
  • Michael Vick Scandal
  • Banned Substances Scandals
  • Domestic Violence Scandals
  • Player Politics Scandals
  • Sexual Assault Lawsuits
  • Coaching Scandals

And the newest entry to our finely crafted, yet scandalous book: The Washington Washington Football Team Scandal!

What kind of salaciously-tasteful delights await you in the chapter celebrating “The Washington Washington Football Team Scandal” chapter you ask? We’ll soon find out!

According to reporting from the New York Post, a number of “cryptic tweets and stories “preparing the public for an imminent bombshell about the team from the Washington Post will be forthcoming shortly.

Shoot! All this teasing! We hate scandal foreplay.

All we know at this point is that the Washington Post intends to “expose the organization’s troublesome past culture.”

Whatever that past culture entails, it’s mighty delicious and potentially devastating to the organization. In preparation for the report expected to be released this week, Washington has hired attorney Beth Wilkinson to review the organization’s protocols.

The team has had a number of folks exit the organization in recent weeks, including front office members Richard Mann III and Alex Santos departing, as well as longtime radio play-by-play announcer Larry Michael.

Previously, as noted by the New York Post, Julie Donaldson of NBC Sports Washington wrote that the contents of the soon-to-be-released Washington Post story are “disappointing and sad.” Former team beat writer Jason La Canfora suggested: “it will be even worse than that.”

Man, they’re really building this thing up, so it better be good. If this all turns out to be the NFL’s version of “Al Capone’s Vault,” we’re going to be very disappointed.

Hammer and Nigel offer speculation on what the Washington Post is about to reveal in the clip below.