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Georgia had its primaries this week and there were major issues. The lines were insanely long, machines were conking out, and it was an overall mess.

What went wrong? Racism, of course! After all, liberals have an ongoing fetish-like fantasy that Georgia suppresses votes and incompetent buffoon Stacey Abrams really won the 2018 gubernatorial election.

Fun Fact: She didn’t. She lost it by over 54,000 votes.

But CNN’s Chris Cuomo is all muscle and no grey matter. 

In a segment with Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling, Cuomo had his perfectly arranged Democratic talking points ready to go until Sterling shredded the CNN host with fact.

As it turns out, the coronavirus outbreak prevented some polling locations from opening. As for the troubles in the more Democratic counties, well, that’s a Democratic Party problem, as they control the election boards and their respective staffs.

Sterling made a tasty meal of Cuomo’s failed attack lines. Check it out:

Nice work, Fredo. Don’t accept any invitations to go fishing, pal.

Screen Capture: