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We need laughter and ALAN ZWEIBEL, Emmy Winning Writer and Author of “LAUGH LINES: MY LIFE HELPING FUNNY PEOPLE BE FUNNIER” gets paid to do just that…Write funny stuff for the stars, so we’ll laugh!

Livestreaming FREE on the JCC INDY ARTS FACEBOOK PAGE on May 21st, at 7pm….you can visit with Alan Zweibel and I guarantee you’ll hear some fantastic stories. So we got a little taste with a visit with Alan on The First Day.

He’s a Television Writer, Playwright, Co-creator of “IT’S GARRY SHANDLINGS SHOW” and Consulting Producer on “CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM“.  But I wanted to talk about being the first writer on “SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE” back in 1975.  He say’s “he can still say that reporting for my first day of work as a television comedy writer was the most exciting professional moments I’ve ever had“.

He stayed with SNL for the first 5 seasons.  What skit is he most proud of?  “I wrote Samurai Delicatessen, which was very memorable and I co-created the character Roseanne Roseannadanna with Gilda Radner which was very popular.”

This is the kind of guy you want at your party!  He’s a great storyteller, and very entertaining.  Click HERE for info on his upcoming FREE event.  You can also purchase a $10 VIP Ticket which gets you a “post event virtual reception” with Alan on ZOOM.