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My first memories of seeing a movie on the “big screen” are going to drive-in movies with the family.  My sister and I in the backseat, wearing pajamas.  Mom had a big batch of popcorn that she made on the stove, and put in a brown paper grocery bag for a snack.

We’d play on the playground in front of the giant screen…head back to the car when the movie started, and then told to lay down and go to sleep once the second movie started.  I hated when drive-ins started shutting down.  Pendleton Pike Drive-In and  the National Drive-in are long gone, but THE TIBBS DRIVE-IN has stood the test of time!  And now, more than ever…drive-in movies just might make a come back!

Co-Owner of the TIBBS DRIVE-IN, JON PARKIN joined me on the FIRST DAY SHOW to talk about the history, and continued support he and his partner MARCELLA SNYDER receive for the 53 year old drive-in.  Today, the Tibbs is the only remaining drive-in theatre in Indy, which at one time had 18!  With 4 Big Screens, the drive-in can hold 1,600 cars!

Jon & Marcella took over ownership just about a year ago.  Marcella has worked at The Tibbs Drive In for 20 years.  It was her first job.  Why buy a business that has gone by the wayside?  Jon says  “Some call it an old fashion institution, we call it new fashion.  We did a lot of research.  The demand is still there for those that  love nostalgia.  People like alternatives to doing things the regular way. Its a fun way to see a new release and it’s less expensive!  2 movies – family of 4 will cost about $15-$20”.

Seeing a movie at the drive-in seems like a safe alternative to seeing a movie on the big screen, or in The Tibbs case.  What’s different because of the COVID-19 pandemic?  “We found an application for selling tickets online.  Buy tickets now at a discount, and that provides no physical exchange when you arrive.  We’re also using an app for customers to use for ordering concessions.  You’ll order and pay on your phone, and get “dinged” when your food is ready so you won’t have to  wait in line.

The Historic Tibbs Drive-In is open!  Locally owned, and ready to see you!  Buy tickets before you get there.  CLICK HERE for details.