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INDIANAPOLIS–Signs saying “F— the Police” and “#No Justice, No Peace” were held high by a crowd of around 100 people who marched from the City-County building to Monument Circle Thursday afternoon to protest the shooting death of “Sean” Reed.

Reed was killed by a police officer near the intersection of 62nd and Michigan on the city’s northwest side Wednesday evening. Audio of the shooting was captured on Reed’s Facebook live feed.

“It could’ve been my dad, could’ve been my brother. It could’ve been my baby!” said one protester. Much of the group chanted “Black lives matter”.

IMPD Chief Randal Taylor said Thursday morning the officer who shot Reed was black.

“I have a son who’s nine months old and he’s gonna grow up to deal with this. He’s a black man in America and that’s why I’m here!” said another protester.

The protest was dispersed after a brief confrontation with police.

Another protest happened about 4 p.m. near the site of the shooting. That protest stretched for several blocks and some tense moments between police and protesters included cops having to redirect traffic because the group that may have been as large as 200 people blocked streets.