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Formerly fit and productive members of society are embracing the latest trend in government-induced unemployment and depression-driven fashion: sweaty, stained, stank-infested sweatpants!

Yes, these odiferous and rarely-washed bottom-drawer belly-huggers are a fashion faux-pas no longer.

Highly-skilled and educated citizens with formerly bright financial futures are ditching their tapered, sanitary, and pressed pants in droves to proudly express their extreme hopelessness and lack of motivation with a pair of well-worn sweatpants. dirty sweatpants

Yes, not since the era of Z-Cavaricci have Americans embraced such a God-awful trend.

And now, thanks to the efforts of Grammy-winning duo Hammer and Nigel, there’s an all-new hit single climbing the pop charts almost as fast as the nation’s unemployment rate!

Click below to enjoy H&N Records’ “Sweatpants!”

(Photo by TM/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)