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WASHINGTON, D.C.–Re-opening should only happen when it’s safe, says Rep. Greg Pence (R-Ind.), who represents parts of eastern Indiana in Washington. He says skin-on-skin contact at businesses, including hair salons, is a bad idea until the virus has been defeated.

Until then, Pence says he will be wearing personal protective equipment in public, even at the capitol.

“Here in Congress I’m gonna go and we’re gonna distance. I’ve got some masks at home and some gloves. They are fairly readily available. My wife ordered them online,” said Pence in an interview with WIBC’s Tony Katz.

He said the notion of voting with a proxy because of being afraid of coronavirus, offends him.

“All the health workers, all the firemen, the police, the sheriffs, the people in the grocery stores, the people in the gas stations, the doctors, the nurses, they’re showing up for work and I’m showing up for work!” said Pence.

He noted that Congress has never instituted a police of proxy votes through both world wars and 9/11.

“I almost say, if you don’t want to come out here and vote on behalf of your people, resign! If you’re afraid, resign!”

Pence also said that he believes Georgia may be jumping the gun by reopening so soon, echoing the president’s sentiment.

“Skin on skin you shouldn’t do. Right? With the coronavirus, especially around elderly people. The opening plan where you go to a hairdresser, while I am completely sympathetic, skin on skin isn’t a good thing until we beat this virus.”