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What do you do when your party’s candidate can barely remember his own name? Pull Barack Obama back out on the campaign trail in hopes of confusing simple-minded liberals into believing that the former President isn’t horrified by the prospect of a Biden victory.

Yes, after more than a decade of remaining conspicuously silent on the matter Joe Biden now has the endorsement of the only man left on the planet who can save his campaign from near-guaranteed failure.

And you best be believing the Biden campaign will exploit the living crap out of the Obama endorsement.

Just a couple hours after former President Barack Obama endorsed Joe Biden in the 2020 White House race, the Biden campaign sent out a fundraising email to supporters under the former president’s name.

“I’m so proud to endorse Joe Biden for President of the United States. And that’s why I’m asking you to pitch in $5 to his campaign” Obama wrote in the campaign cash pitch that was issued on Tuesday afternoon.

A source close to Biden’s campaign allegedly told Fox News that “talks are already underway about having the former president take part in virtual fundraisers for Biden.”

They better get busy with those fundraisers. Biden is so far behind Trump in raising campaign funds at this point it would take a congressional-sized bailout just to get Sleepy Joe within striking range of the Trump campaign’s deep pockets.

The Chicks on the Right offered a hilarious take on Obama’s “much too late” endorsement  on Wednesday’s show. Click below to check it out.

Photo: Twitter via Getty Images