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STATEWIDE — Overnight, porn star Stormy Daniels was arrested in Columbus, Ohio for letting a patron touch her while she was performing at a strip club.

Daniels was also seen touching patrons herself as part of her act. Under Ohio state law that is illegal unless the dancer is being touched by a family member. Daniels was arrested and taken to jail, but the charges against Daniels were subsequently dropped.

Still, this may raise the question among Hoosiers: “Is it illegal to touch dancers here in Indiana?”

“We don’t have a law specifically to that affect here in Indiana,” says Mark Webb, a lawyer and lobbyist for the adult entertainment industry. “Certainly touching is permitted.”

However there are some rules to follow, according to Webb. He says a strip club patron is allowed to touch dancers under Indiana law, but it cannot be touch that constitutes a “sexual act.” 

“A permit holder (strip club) is not allowed to permit an employee or patron to engage in any kind of sexual activity,” Webb adds. “This would include the touching of the genitals or anything of that nature.”

Webb also says unlike in Ohio, dancers at Indiana strip clubs cannot display any form of nudity during their act. This means a dancer’s genitals and nipples must be covered in some capacity. 

Webb says any strip club found violating these laws could be subject to a fine or forfeiture of their license to operate. However, he says that this hard to enforce since the State Excise Police has only around 140 officers to cover all 92 Indiana counties.

Stormy Daniels has been at the center of a controversy involving President Trump. She says she was paid hush money to keep an affair between her and Trump before he was President quiet.

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