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If you haven’t heard the news, Senator Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren has finally been vindicated in her claims to have Native American heritage! And when we say “vindicated,” we mean she made a complete ass of herself. 

The Massachusetts Senator and champion of easily disproven lies has released a video in which she reveals the results of a DNA test that shows she has a ‘strong’ Native American ancestry… roughly 0.1-1.6{ec4469d41b0b7bdea208b8171ec4991583ff3a026010edcbf3170c07ae1b643f}, and dating back six to ten generations.

“Now, the President likes to call my mom a liar,” Warren says in the video. “What do the facts say?”

Well, we hate to speak for the President, but it would appear that the facts prove Pocahontas Warren is no more Native American than any other white person in the United States.

Here’s why:

Back in 2015, researchers at 23andMe and Harvard University published the results of a genetic analysis of ancestry among the American people. That study found that the average white person in America is roughly .19{ec4469d41b0b7bdea208b8171ec4991583ff3a026010edcbf3170c07ae1b643f} African and .18{ec4469d41b0b7bdea208b8171ec4991583ff3a026010edcbf3170c07ae1b643f} Native American. In other words, nearly ALL native-born American living today have SOME Native American heritage in their DNA.

But wait; it gets better.

That same study also found that the average self-identified black person in America is approximately 80{ec4469d41b0b7bdea208b8171ec4991583ff3a026010edcbf3170c07ae1b643f} African and 20{ec4469d41b0b7bdea208b8171ec4991583ff3a026010edcbf3170c07ae1b643f} white of European ancestry. If we give Warren the benefit of the doubt and say she’s a full 1.6{ec4469d41b0b7bdea208b8171ec4991583ff3a026010edcbf3170c07ae1b643f} Native American, this would mean that the average black person in America is 12.5 times more white than Elizabeth Warren is Native American.

Conclusion: Senator Elizabeth Warren is about as Native American as Caitlin Jenner is female.

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