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(Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Indiana Republican Senator Todd Young told WIBC host Tony Katz Wednesday that Congressional Democrats have the ability to end the ongoing government shutdown, which began December 22 of last year.

“Nancy Pelosi could end this shutdown today,” said Sen. Young. “All she needs to do is agree with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer from just months ago when they were supportive of eight times the amount of border security funding that the President is now insisting upon.”

Sen. Young accused Democrats of shifting their position on the border after the midterm elections and catering to the far left flank of their party rather than taking the necessary action that is in the best interest of the American people.

“We have a national crisis of security of our southern border … this is a longstanding issue that has been ongoing for decades and hasn’t been properly addressed.”

Young added that President Trump has been accommodating in his attempts to come to a compromise with Democrats.

“He was at the $40 billion dollar figure and now we’re down to just over $5 billion, which he’s insisting upon. He’s moved way off his original position so that we can keep government open, so that we can arrive at a principled compromise, wake up tomorrow and then he can argue for further border enhancements where necessary.” 

The Senator said he thinks there is a “plausible case to be made” for declaring a national emergency based on precedent; however, he believes such a declaration would be denied in the 9th circuit court of appeals, which has consistently been a “burr in the saddle” of conservatives over the years.

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