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(INDIANAPOLIS) – A new health service for state employees in Indy could be a test-drive for workplaces around the state.

Governor Holcomb says he hopes a new clinic in the basement of the Indiana Government Center will be a model for private employers. A handful of Indiana businesses and school districts offer on-site wellness clinics already. Indianapolis-based OurHealth operates the Government Center clinic and similar ones in five other states — he claims it improves patients’ health while saving them money.

Wells boasts the clinics have shorter waiting times and less paperwork. He says the clinics advise patients on leading healthier lifestyles and managing chronic conditions like diabetes, and can help navigate the system for patients who need more in-depth followups.

About a quarter of state employees work in the Indianapolis area. The administration hasn’t ruled out opening additional clinics at other state offices if this one goes well. For now, OurHealth is offering online health challenges for employees in other parts of the state, like tracking how many fruits and vegetables you eat or exercising at least two-and-a-half hours a week. There’ll be a monthly prize drawing for workers who complete at least five challenges.

(Photo: Eric Berman/WIBC)