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INDIANAPOLIS — Residents on Indy’s near-north side are voicing their concerns about traffic detours for IndyGo Red Line construction. 

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works has had to divert traffic from College Avenue to Central Avenue in order for workers to safely and efficiently construct the Red Line.

To compensate for the increased traffic flow, DPW took out four-way stops and and installed stop lights at intersections along Central. This caught several residents off guard.

“Why did they wait 15 months to tell the neighborhood about the traffic diversion plan,” asked Susan Duffy. She she’s one of many who live on Central Avenue say it’s a safety issue that the four way stops have been taken out which is allowing drivers to travel much faster on Central than normal.

Duffy, who is one of many residents along Central planning a rally against the Red Line, is also not a fan of how IndyGo is keeping Indy residents in the loop on the project. They also don’t like how there will be an added bus lane on College that they say will add to traffic nightmares once the Red Line is done.

“We like the idea of improved transit, but this neighborhood at this point feels like it’s an experiment,” said Duffy. 

DPW spokesman Bryan Luellen says the stop lights on Central are not permanent. 

“DPW has cmmitted that after the Red Line construction is completed, the four-way stops will be going back in (on Central) and those stop lights will coming out,” Luellen said.

“There are absolutely impacts to doing a constructions project. There are impacts to making changes to the roadway, but 60-percent of Marion County voted to support enhanced transit. There are always trade offs.”

Not all residents in Midtown are upset with the red Line construction.

“If along the way there are a few number of folks that are upset, I’m not surprised and I understand their concerns,” Michael McKillip said. “But I have yet to find a resident who said, ‘I would rather have fewer options than more’.”

IndyGo said after the Red Line opens in September, a survey will be conducted six months later to see how new traffic is flowing and if any changes need to be made.

WISH’TV’s Jenny Dreasler contributed to this article