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GREENFIELD, Ind. — You’ve probably seen the giant car vending machine on the north side. The company that owns that vending machine is expanding in the Hoosier state.

“We’re excited to announce the opening of our newest inspection center here in Greenfield for Carvana,” said Amy O’Hara, a spokeswoman for the online car buying company.

If you don’t know what carvana is, it’s essentially a normal car dealer except it is entirely online and you have the option of picking up the car you buy at one of it’s vending machines, like the one off 82nd and I-69, or you can have your new car shipped to you.

The cars need inspecting before they can be sold though, one of the places they plan to do those inspections is at a new facility in Greenfield. 

“We inspect those cars, we recondition them, photograph them with our 360-degree technology and then list them on the site,” O’Hara said. “Right now we have a little more than 100 employees, but once we are at full capacity we will employ more than 500 people.”

The facility is the company’s fifth vehicle inspection center in the U.S., joining others in Philadelphia, Phoenix, Dallas and Atlanta. O’Hara said they also plan to add vending machines in Elkhart and South Bend.

(PHOTO: Google Maps Screenshot)