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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Sen. Mike Braun says lawmakers who support the 2nd Amendment need to get out in front of the ones who want some types of guns banned. He believes a “common sense” approach to gun law reform will include better enforcement of laws already on the books.

Braun discussed his views with gun rights attorney and Gun Guy host Guy Relford. 

“All I’m saying…if there’s anything that escapes it, we oughtta at least be willing to discuss it,” said the Republican senator. “I don’t want ot let a nuance or a loophole slip through to where we pay the price for it.”

Braun said he believes if gun laws aren’t modified to close loopholes, further events, like mass shootings, could be an impetus for strict gun control to be passed. 

“We all know that the strongest laws on the books are in places where we still have the most crime with guns. And a lot of that boils down to cultural issues. I don’t know that you create enough laws to ever restrict it and reduce it in some places.”

Braun told Relford that he would welcome any input on what could improve gun laws to better keep them ut of the hands of criminals and mentally ill people.   

(PHOTO: Scott Olson/Getty Images)