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ANDERSON, Ind. (WISH) — A DoorDash delivery driver is warning others after she was robbed at gunpoint on Anderson’s south side.

Jessica Hedquist said, “It was horrible. All I could think about were my kids. I have two little girls at home. It was just really scary.”

She says she’ll never forget the scariest delivery of her life around 10:30 p.m. Monday to a home near the intersection of Cedar Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard in Anderson.

“I got a delivery for the house down there on the end, and when I went to the door the man that answered said there was no one there that ordered the pizza and there was no one there by the name that was given to me,” Hedquist said.

Confused, she pulled her car down the street and called the restaurant to check the order. It confirmed the address was correct.

That’s when the so-called “customer” called her phone.

“They said they saw me and that they were out back when I drove by and that’s why I didn’t see them, so I started driving back down the street and they said they would come out to me,” said Hedquist.

That’s when Hedquist says two men approached her car, pretended to look for money, said they didn’t have any and walked away.

The next thing she knew her car was surrounded by four men.

“I got back in my Jeep and sat down and as soon as I sat down I looked over and there was a gun in my face. He held it toward my temple. I could feel him shaking,” Hedquist said.

She says the four men yelled “Give me everything” and stole the pizzas and her purse.

“It must have been super easy. They just ordered the pizza and there’s your victim,” Hedquist said.

She says she reported the incident to Anderson Police Department and DoorDash. She hopes sharing her story will prevent such a robbery from happening to someone else.

“I want other DoorDashers to be aware of what’s going on just to make sure they lock their doors and take the extra precautions,” Hedquist said.

She says she’s only been delivering for DoorDash since September and doesn’t know if she will ever deliver for them again. If she does, she definitely won’t deliver in the south side area again.

Anderson Police Department did not respond to a request to speak to News 8.

A DoorDash spokesperson issued this statement: “We take the safety of our community extremely seriously. Since learning of this incident we took immediate action, including reaching out to the Dasher to confirm her safety and offer our support and care. We have also been in touch with local law enforcement to cooperate in the investigation.”

(Photo by WISH-TV.)