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In an era where social media presence often translates to popularity, has conducted extensive research to determine the most Instagrammed locations across the United States. Here, we focus on Indianapolis. These are the top spots that capture the essence of our city through the lens of social media.


1. Indianapolis Motor Speedway

AUTO: MAY 26 NTT IndyCar Series 108th Running of the Indianapolis 500

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Topping the list with a staggering 77,815 hashtags, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the most Instagrammed spot in Indianapolis. This iconic racing venue, known globally for the Indy 500, attracts motorsport enthusiasts and photographers alike. The hashtags #indianapolismotorspeedway, #indianapolismotorspeedway, and #indianapolismotorspeedwayroadcourse showcase the track’s thrilling atmosphere and its prominence in the racing world.

2. Indianapolis Zoo


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Coming in second with 51,020 hashtags, the Indianapolis Zoo is a favorite among visitors for its diverse array of animals and interactive exhibits. Hashtags such as #indianapoliszoo, #indianapoliszoo, and #indianapoliszoo2016 highlight the zoo’s appeal to families and animal lovers, capturing moments of fun and discovery. This area offers plenty of instagrammable backgrounds.

3. Lucas Oil Stadium

NFL Combine

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Lucas Oil Stadium, home to the Indianapolis Colts, secures the third spot with 49,432 hashtags. Football fans and visitors to this state-of-the-art stadium often share their experiences using hashtags like #lucasoilstadium, #lucasoilstadium, and #lucasoilstadiumtour, showcasing the excitement and energy of game days and events.

4. Monument Circle

Aerial view of Soldiers & Sailors Monument in Indianapolis downtown Indiana

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Monument Circle, a historic landmark in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, ranks fourth with 28,118 hashtags. This iconic gathering spot, often used for city events and celebrations, is captured through hashtags such as #monumentcircle, #monumentcircleindy, and #monumentcircleindianapolis, reflecting its cultural and historical significance.

5. Gainbridge Fieldhouse

Connecticut Sun v Indiana Fever

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Finally, fifth most instagrammed place goes to Gainbridge Fieldhouse with 14,969 hashtags. This premier sports and entertainment venue, home to the Indiana Pacers and Indiana Fever, is frequently featured on Instagram through hashtags like #gainbridgefieldhouse, #gainbridgefieldhouse, and #gainbridgefieldhousearena, illustrating its popularity for both basketball games and concerts.

Instagrammed Honorable Mentions

The study also highlighted several other notable spots in Indianapolis:

  • Eagle Creek Park: A natural oasis with 12,319 hashtags, offering scenic trails and outdoor activities.
  • Victory Field: Home to the Indianapolis Indians, with 11,963 hashtags, capturing the charm of America’s favorite pastime.
  • Indianapolis Museum of Art: With 11,282 hashtags, this museum showcases a rich collection of art and beautiful gardens.
  • White River State Park: This urban park, featuring 9,938 hashtags, offers a blend of green spaces and cultural attractions.
  • Downtown Noblesville: A quaint and charming area with 9,104 hashtags, reflecting its small-town appeal and historic architecture.

Lastly, these Instagrammed locations not only highlight the diverse attractions Indianapolis has to offer but also showcase the city’s ability to blend culture, sports, history, and nature seamlessly. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these top spots provide perfect backdrops for capturing memorable moments and sharing them with the world.