Bobby Knight died on Wednesday night, but he has legacy that will live on in Indiana and college basketball forever. After his death, I immediately went to X (Twitter) because that’s where everything happens. I was greeted by a tweet from Colin Cowherd that perfectly captures Bobby Knight and legends alike. “Bobby Knight was complicated. […]

This year the impact of inflation on our finances is undeniably burdensome. If you find yourself struggling to maintain the same level of financial comfort that was achievable just a few years ago, you’re not alone in facing this challenge. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recently announced that the consumer price index rose 3.7% […]

Douglas G. Carter is the head of the Indiana State Police. He is tired of the lack of holding criminals accountable in Indianapolis. Do you think that $1,000 is enough money to set a murderer free? The city of Indianapolis does. Luis Leyba-Gonzalez, 19, was released Saturday on a $1,000 cash bond. Court records show there […]

You can tell a language is doing well when it’s constantly coming up with new words, borrowing from other languages, and giving old words new meanings. Based on the latest research: English is in great shape! However, if you have an older dictionary, as in older than today, it’s out of date. Merriam-Webster has announced […]

The history of apple cultivation in the United States is as rich and diverse as the apple varieties themselves. The first apple orchard was planted near Boston’s Beacon Hill in 1965. Since then apples have played an essential role in American agriculture and culture. Fast forward to today, and you’ll find over 20,000 apple growers […]

As I create this article, it’s a picture-perfect sunny day in Indianapolis. However, as summer draws to a close, the anticipation of fall excites some. Others desperately cling to the warmth of the season. A recent study delved into American cities to identify the ideal and less ideal destinations for summer enthusiasts. The review considered […]

We’re in one of the cheapest states in the union! As the cost of living continues to rise, many people are facing new challenges when it comes to managing their finances. Naturally, individuals are reevaluating their financial situations, and for some, this might include contemplating a potential move. According to the latest list of the […]

Sports betting in the United States has seen explosive growth in recent years, with 2023 poised to shatter previous records. Between January and July of this year alone, Americans have wagered an astounding $59 billion. This marks a 176% increase from 2020 and a 4% jump from 2021. This suggests that the total amount wagered […]

How is the high school in your location? Is it one of the best schools in our state or even the country? Let’s look… Some Indiana schools have achieved recognition on the 2023-24 U.S. News & World Report list of top educational institutions in the state. Notably, Signature School in Evansville secured an outstanding second […]

Guess what’s been on the upswing? The Indiana State Fair’s popularity is turning into a bit of a trend, as it proudly announces a second year of modest growth in attendance. How Many Attendees went to the Indiana State Fair? Drumroll, please! This year’s shindig pulled in a total of 840,414 enthusiastic folks over its […]