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A new study has identified the most sought-after jobs in Indiana. Online courses aggregator Class Central analyzed the average number of monthly Google searches for over 100 different job roles, including terms such as ‘how to become a (job role)’ and ‘(job role) salary’, to determine the most wanted careers in Indiana.

The most sought-after careers in Indiana:

Rank Job Role Average Monthly Search Volume
1 Phlebotomist 4,152
2 Flight Attendant 3,884
3 Welder 3,799
4 Nurse 3,669
5 Teacher 2,122



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The phlebotomy profession has an average monthly search volume of 4,152 in Indiana. People in this job role are responsible for drawing blood from patients or donors. They earn just under $40,000 per year on average. Becoming a phlebotomist requires gaining a high school diploma, followed by a qualification from an accredited phlebotomy program, and then a national certification.

Flight Attendant:

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Terms related to a flight attendant career have an average monthly search volume of 3,884 . With an average salary of around $64,000 in the US, this job involves ensuring the safety, security and comfort of passengers on an airplane. It is possible to become a flight attendant with just a high school diploma, however, some airlines may have additional requirements, such as a college degree or fluency in another language for international flights.


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The welder job role has 3,799 monthly Google searches. The average salary for welders in the US is around $47,000. Typically, the qualifications required for this career are a high school diploma or equivalent, as well as technical and on-the-job training. The job involves working with metal, assembling pieces together and repairing damage using heavy machinery.


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There are 3,669 average monthly Google searches for terms related to a career in nursing. Anybody wanting to become a nurse in the US must gain a nursing degree, pass the National Council Licensure Examination for registered nurses, and obtain a state license. The average salary for this profession in the US is over $80,000.


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The teacher job role has a monthly search volume of 2,122. A teacher’s main responsibility is to lead classrooms and guide students to expand their knowledge. The requirements to become a teacher vary depending on the age group they wish to teach. However, they typically have at least a bachelor’s degree before completing training programs to gain a state license. The average salary for public school teachers in the US is around $66,000.