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Blurred police lights.

Source: (Photo: Joe Choe16/Thinkstock.)

INDIANAPOLIS — A double shooting in Indianapolis has left a man dead, a woman injured, and a baby hurt as well.

Indy Metro Police were called to a home along 12th Street not far from 10th and Emerson on the east side. There were shots fired at around 10:00 p.m. When they got there the initial report was that three were people wounded, one of them a young child barely 1-year-old.

Jaden Thrasher, 19, was badly wounded and later died at the hospital. A woman, described as a “teenager or young adult” was also shot and is expected to survive. The baby, as it turns out, was not shot.

IMPD Capt. Mark McCardia said that it was some sort of “beef” that led to the shooting, leading them to believe that the shooter knew the victims.

“Beyond frustrating, horrifying, disgusting,” he described. “It’s absolutely stupid. There is no reason for someone to get shot or violence. We are lucky that baby was just scratched.”

It’s not clear how many shots were fired, but there were shell casings all over the place outside the house where the shooting happened.