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Noblesville State Road 32 Construction

Source: WISH-TV / other

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — For a few weeks State Road 32 has been closed in Noblesville as INDOT rehabs and rebuilds the state highway through the downtown area.

Though many business owners understand the necessity of the project, they are also feeling the strain on their bottom line as the project keeps many customers away. Kari Clouse owns a boutique in the Hamilton County city and says her business has taken a noticeable hit.

“Definitely a solid half,” Clouse told WISH-TV. “There’s days where you hardly see anybody down here.”

Many other business owners say business is down over 60-percent since the project reached the downtown area. INDOT says the project is on schedule.

“We’re looking really good,” INDOT spokesperson Kyleigh Cramer said. “Crossing fingers. We would love to be out of there too just as much as they could love us to be out of there. We want to get the road as soon as possible back to the way people and folks want it to be. We’re looking on schedule right now.”

Workers are in Phase 2 of the project now and will be done and the next two phases of the project will take at least another 30 to 45 days, Kramer said.

“Necessary, but painful,” Clouse said of the significance of the project. “I can’t change anything, so I guess this is just growing pains and for the better. I mean, you can’t get angry about it by any means. So, in the outcome, it’ll be great.”

The city of Noblesville is offering a chance for businesses to receive what they are calling “Hard Hat Resiliency” grants to help ease the burden the construction project has put on their bottom lines.