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Handcuffed Prisoner

Source: (Photo by View_Apart/Getty)

*Warning: This story could be disturbing for some readers.*

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ind. – A Montgomery County man with a criminal record is facing nine decades behind bars for sexually exploiting children.

According to the Department of Justice, 40-year-old Stan Hayes Jr. pled guilty to multiple counts of sexual exploitation and attempted sexual exploitation of a child.

Police searched Hayes’ home in October of 2022, while he was on probation for another crime.  There, they say they found methamphetamine and explicit images of children.

They later learned that Hayes had hidden cameras in two different homes, which he used to take pictures and videos of children in their bathrooms.

He also had content showing children engaged in explicit behaviors after they had been given meth.  Hayes noted that he had wanted to “break their will to put up any more fight.”

Officers determined that this abuse had occurred years ago in Tennessee, but the man had continued checking on his victims via Facebook.

Eventually, they collected about 350,000 images and videos that he had accessed online.  Investigators also found items like victims’ underwear and a child-sized sex doll.

If ever released from prison, Hayes will face supervision by the U.S. Probation Office for the rest of his life.