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Tony hit a bump in the road at the end of his busy day downtown. He recaps:

I hit a crater, I hit a pothole so big, it could have been one of the holes used by the worms in “Dune”. It’s gigantic! It is so big it has its own gravitational pull.

It’s the Midwest, we have potholes because of the extreme weather. But here in Indianapolis, they seem to be getting worse and worse, and the city government is asleep at the wheel.

Tony reflects:

Sometimes you get a flat tire. I’ve gotten two in my life, both in downtown Indianapolis because of potholes. Potholes happen. But what rarely happens is rewarding a politician who doesn’t care. This of course is the story of Indianapolis. And Indianapolis reelecting to a third term Joe Hogsett who obviously does not care… Joe Hogsett doesn’t give a damn about you and doesn’t give a damn about your sister either. These are the facts. Because somebody who gave a damn would actually do something about this.

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