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Attorney General Todd Rokita appeared on the Tony Katz and Morning News Show this morning to talk about legal troubles he’s found himself in, and whether or not he’s concerned that he will lose his law license and career over allegations of misconduct.

AG Rokita says:

What I didn’t do was violate anyone’s confidentiality, what I didn’t do was violate any state statute, and I was not fined, and that’s what I had said later after the court came out with its opinion agreeing with the court. But the news media wants to conflate all of that.

Tony reacted by reading the argument being made by the the disciplinary commission saying, “Respondent’s actions flouted the authority of the Court, called into question the sincerity of Respondent’s assertions to the Court in his Conditional Agreement and affidavit, and caused damage to the public’s perception of the integrity and justness of the attorney discipline system …”

AG Rokita responded:

If anyone’s impeding the integrity of the Court, it’s the news media, it’s political opponents who want this story to never end.

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