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Handcuffed Prisoner

Source: (Photo by View_Apart/Getty)

PERU, Ind.–A man from Macy, Indiana was arrested earlier in December because police believe he stole money from his employees.

The investigation into 67-year-old Byron Cohee began in February 2023 when officers started getting complaints about him.

“The complaints were from former employees of his,” said Indiana State Police Sergeant Steven Glass.

Glass says the police found some disturbing things after getting the complaints.

“The investigation did reveal that some funds withheld from Byron’s paychecks were not deposited into their retirement accounts,” said Glass.

The police aren’t sure of the entire amount of Cohee is accused of steeling, but they said it was enough for him to be charged with two counts of theft.

“The Miami Superior Court issued an arrest warrant. He ended up coming to the State Police Post in Peru. We took him into custody there,” said Glass.

The theft charge is a level 6 felony. Cohee was taken to the Miami County Jail on December 20. Police announced the arrest on Friday.

You can hear the full interview with Glass below.