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Court of Law and Justice Trial Session: Imparcial Honorable Judge Pronouncing Sentence, striking Gavel. Focus on Mallet, Hammer.

Source: Photo: (gorodenkoff/getty images)

INDIANAPOLIS — A woman will spend the next four decades in prison for killing another woman last year.

Arieal Smith and Secoya Williams got into a fight at a nightclub on the night of February 25th, 2022. A security guard cooled the situation down and escorted Smith outside.

Williams left later on and approached Smith’s car. That’s when Arieal Smith opened the car door and shot Williams. Ebonie Parks, Smith’s sister, was the driver and took off from the scene.

Both Smith and Parks have since been arrested and charged in the case. Arieal Smith was convicted of murder and has been sentenced to 48 years in prison.

“A person’s life was cut short and innocent bystanders were put in danger due to the actions of the defendant, and now, two families have suffered the consequences,” said Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears in a Thursday press release. “We hope that today’s resolution bring solace to Ms. Williams’ family as they continue to move forward from this tragedy and honor her memory.”

Witnesses helped investigators identify Arieal Smith as the suspect.

Ebonie Parks was found guilty of assisting a criminal, a level 5 felony, and will be sentenced on November 17th at 2 o’clock.