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Hogsett and Shreve


Today is election day, and voters in Indianapolis will elect a mayor to lead the city for the next four years.

Wealthy Republican businessman Jefferson Shreve is facing two-term incumbent Democratic Mayor Joe Hogsett. This has been Indianapolis’ most expensive mayoral race ever with Shreve donating $13.5 million to his own campaign, funding 93% of it.

But despite having the funds to support his own campaign, many would argue that Shreve’s campaign has not been as strong as it could have been.

The Republican candidate alienated a large portion of his voter base when he called for more gun control in his public safety plan. In the published plan, Shreve includes the ban of assault weapons in Indianapolis, restoring the equipment for a permit to carry a concealed firearm, and raising the minimum age to purchase all firearms to 21.

Crime is a major problem in Indianapolis and it has been the focal point of this election, but Shreve seemingly lost the support of many loyal Republican voters for going after law-abiding gun owners with his plans for public safety.

In the past few weeks, Shreve has tried to step away from the hot button issue of crime and shine light on other issues to show that he has other concerns. He’s been focusing on animal welfare and reforming the city animal shelter and more recently, he announced a proposal to tackle rising property taxes.

No republican has won countywide since 2011, when former Republican Mayor Greg Ballard won his bid for a second term. Does Shreve still have a fighting chance to end the drought?

Rob was joined by former member of the Indiana Senate Jim Merritt on the show today. They shared their thoughts on whether or not they think Shreve has a shot at beating Hogsett.