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There’s a new memorial that people are calling butt ugly…

This unfortunate memorial has been making headlines after residents expressed concern over it’s not-so-subtle resemblance to well, in their exact words, “a human anus.”

The city of Palm Springs, California commissioned a local artist to create an AIDS memorial sculpture for a downtown park. The memorial was intended to provide opportunity for reflection and remembrance. Local news outlet, KESQ-TV says the city hoped the sculpture would “evoke feelings of connection, reflection, and hope” while “symbolizing the diverse impact of AIDS on the community.” Unfortunately, that sentiment was cracked rather quickly.

Residents were quick to note the familiar looking nine-foot sculpture. One person told their local news that “The proposed memorial looks like a graphic depiction of the backside of a human being.” Others were not as poised, simply stating it ‘looks like a butthole.’

What was supposed to be an educational piece of art, has become a laughingstock around town. Due to the national attention of the sculpture The Palm Springs AIDS Memorial Task Force assured residents there would be a new design coming.

Let’s hope round two is a little less cheeky…