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Gaylyn Morris Mugshot

Source: WISH-TV

Indianapolis Woman Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison for Running Over and Killing Boyfriend

INDIANAPOLIS–A woman from Indianapolis was sentenced to 18 years in prison for running over her boyfriend outside a bar in Castleton, which killed him.

Gaylyn Morris was sentenced to 18 years in the Indiana Department of Correction. Police say the incident happened in June 2022 when she ran over and killed Andre Smith at the bar, which is on East 82nd street. It was in the parking lot of Tilly’s Pub and Grill in Castleton.

“Witnesses on the scene stated that Morris was searching for her boyfriend utilizing an Apple AirTag device. When Morris entered the bar, Smith was there with another woman, and an altercation ensued. After the three exited the bar, Morris got into her vehicle and ran over Smith multiple times. Morris was detained at the scene,” said the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office in a news release Thursday.

Smith was pronounced dead at the scene.

“The verdict was unacceptable. She took away my son. I will never see him again. I will never hear his voice again, but her family can hear hers. I miss my baby and my family has been through so much,” said Smith’s mother Laprecia Saunders at the sentencing hearing.

Saunders said she has missed work and lost her house because of the toll this incident has taken on her mental health.

“I’m seeing a mental counselor because of what she did. My whole family now is struggling because of her,” Saunders continued.

Saunders said Smith was raised never to hit women. She also says that Smith and Morris were seeing each other off and on over the years and he had been seeing other women, which Morris knew about.

“I don’t know what happened that night because I was not there. All I do know is that my son did not deserve to be murdered,” said Saunders.

Morris’s attorneys asked for her to be found guilty of a crime lesser than murder. The jury agreed to do that. Morris’ defense team said she acted in the heat of the moment after being used by Smith for years.

Morris’s trial took three days in August 2023. The jury deliberated for less than four hours before delivering its verdict.

You can listen Laprecia Sander’s testimony from Thursday below.