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Indianapolis Colts v Philadelphia Eagles

Source: Mitchell Leff / Getty

INDIANAPOLIS — Mistakes were made, and opportunities were missed, says Indianapolis Colts head coach Shane Steichen.

“I thought our guys played hard, obviously a lot of details to clean up,” says Steichen, whose Colts lost Sunday in the regular season opener to division rival Jacksonville Jaguars, “I thought defensively, our guys did a hell of a job. Buck (DeForest Buckner) played really good. Zaire (Franklin), Shaq (Shaquille Leonard), I thought all those guys played hard.”

Indianapolis forced some turnovers Sunday and made some big plays, going up 21 to 17 during the third quarter. However, multiple failures to convert 4th downs and some turnovers of their own led to the Colts downfall.

Sunday’s loss makes season number ten without a Week 1 win for the blue and white.

For Shane Steichen, it’s back to the drawing board, “we just have to be more efficient on first and second down, offensively. Obviously, third downs, we have to get those things cleaned up so we can keep the ball moving.”

Steichen made the decision to go for it on several 4th down situations, including 4th & 2, 4th, & 5, and a few 4th & Inches situations. Indy’s head coach says when it comes to 4th & Inches, you just have to go for it, especially in a high-stakes division game. Steichen admits he can be aggressive, and that sometimes the game dictates that style of play.

Quarterback Anthony Richardson was shaken-up Sunday after taking a hit late in the 4th quarter. He’s doing better, says Steichen.

“He had the knee he was dealing with during the game and then he just had a bit of ankle soreness this morning. At the end of the game, he could have went in those last two plays, but just for precautionary reasons just left him out those last two plays,” Steichen explains.

Indianapolis has another big division rival match-up this Sunday on the road in Houston against the Texans. The Colts are heading into the Lone Star State 0-1, just like the 2022 season.