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A judge's gavel and law books are seen in a courtroom.

Source: BrianAJackson/Getty Images

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Christian web designer who refused to design websites for same-sex couples.

In a 6-3 ruling, the High Court said the Colorado web designer has a free speech right under the First Amendment to refuse to endorse messages with which she disagrees.  The ruling means she cannot be punished under Colorado’s anti-discrimination law.

In another decision Friday, the Supreme Court struck down President Biden’s student debt forgiveness plan.

The court ruled that the White House plan to cancel debt for tens of millions of people was not legal.  In a 6-3 decision, the majority of justices ruled Biden overstepped his authority when he didn’t get authorization from Congress.

Indiana Democrats released this statement:

“The student debt crisis is hurting our economy, and the ability for young Hoosiers and Americans to buy a home and start their lives. The impact of the first global pandemic in over 100 years has only exacerbated the crisis. Despite this, the Supreme Court decided to rule against millions of borrowers who just wish to have the ability to start their own businesses, and own a home like the generations before them.