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Eric Holcomb, governor of Indiana, speaks.

Source: (Photo by Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images.)

STATEWIDE–Governor Holcomb signed 91 bills Thursday, one of which was a bill that requires parents to be notified if their child wants to change their name or pronoun. That law also bans human sexuality instruction from kindergarten through third grade.

LGBTQ advocates have argued that the bill risks “outing” kids to their parents, which could cause them to be unsafe in their own homes. Lawmakers and parents in favor of the bill said parents need to know if those changes are requested by their child.

Holcomb also signed the state budget, a public health funding bill, and a bill that requires a portion of revenue from any future school referenda to be put towards charter schools.

With the Governor’s signature, all of these bills are now law.

There are no more bills left on Holcomb’s desk. He did not veto a single bill this year.