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Boone County Sheriff's Office

Source: WISH-TV

WHITESTOWN, Ind.–Boone Meadow Elementary School in Whitestown was evacuated Thursday morning when a “suspicious object” was heard beeping in a trash can that was outside the front entrance of the school. It turns out that it was a discarded diabetic medical device that kept beeping even after police retrieved it.

“We couldn’t see it at first. We could just hear it and it was a loud pitched sound. It was pretty annoying. It was kind of like the sound you hear when a gun goes off and your ears ring. That’s what it sounded like,” said Wesley Garst, deputy and public information officer with the Boone County Sheriff’s Office.

Garst said they put it into an evidence bag.

“We took it to the sheriff’s office. It was still beeping at the time. I’m sure they’ll turn it off somehow,” said Garst.

Students were taken to Zionsville West Middle School and eventually released for the rest of the day. Normal school operations will resume Friday. Police don’t believe there is a threat to the community or school.